Fort Worth, TX

  • Real Time Data Acquisition Tool Software Development
    • Collaborated with scientists to develop data acquisition and processing software of spectral energy data to produce mineralogy and elemental concentration answer products for our customers
    • Provided technical guidance and support for the development and troubleshooting of the hardware system to minimize implementation delays and ensure component interoperation
    • Developed logging software control interface for geophysical spectroscopy and acoustic instruments and evaluated feasibility data with scientist team to improve answer product quality
    • Developed data processing algorithms for collected well data to produce accurate, high quality visual answer products for the customer
  • Linux Virtualization and System Administration
    • Managed virtual machine platform to eliminate hardware dependence of product deployment while maintained software deployment and Linux support for all field deployed hardware as the subject matter expert
    • Evaluated and reviewed virtualization software products to be used as real-time data acquisition system platform and recommended virtualization platform solutions to reduce R&D to field delays
  • OS-9 to Linux conversion, Pascal to C++ conversion
    • Migrated existing C++ code base from OS-9/Motorola 68000 platform to Intel-based Linux platform
    • Converted parts of data logging software from existing Pascal source code running on VersaDOS to OS-9 on Motorola 68000 platform