Richardson, TX

  • Technical Lead
    • Presented a uniform security stance and policy across program components from a least privilege perspective while acting as a liaison between security, software, deployment, delivery, and test teams
    • Coordinated delivery of security solutions such as single sign on, PKI authentication, LDAP based user, and application roles for enterprise program with internal, and external customers, human users and NPEs
    • Architected, implemented, and supported certificate management framework and key repository for large scale enterprise system of over 10,000 virtual machines eliminating risk of customer data loss due to incorrect certificates or certificate expiration
    • Developed automated LDAP deployment and audit solution to ensure baseline compliance over 70+ virtual hardware strings and networks, reducing manual workload by 80% and practically eliminating human error resulting in increased efficiency and faster product delivery across the enterprise
    • Established mentorship and training program for junior engineering staff to complete daily tasks, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and reduced response time
    • Provided tier 3 technical support for enterprise delivery, and test teams to resolve complex problems and offer solutions to meet critical customer deadlines
  • Section Manager
    • Managed group of engineers of various disciplines with a focus on long term cost saving by concentrating on talent growth and increasing retention
    • Acted as front-line manager to coordinate staffing demands of programs with the company human resource supply while reducing capacity overhead
    • Conducted technical interviews for senior and entry level position candidates recruiting top talent for Raytheon