Takacs Greg

Greg Takacs

Senior Software Engineer

Name:Greg Takacs
Location:Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
Goal-oriented, product-driven software engineer with more than 15 years of experience specializing in enterprise-level, mission-critical, object-oriented system programming and real time data acquisition software development. Areas of expertise include object-oriented software design and development, data analysis, version control, software testing and deployment.


  • Senior C++ programmer using object-oriented software design principles and techniques
  • Highly skilled in working with complex software systems with multiple developer groups located in different regions on the same code base
  • Thorough understanding and use of testing procedures and deployment of enterprise level software
  • Critical thinker with strong abilities in complex problem solving
  • Significant experience with hardware virtualization platforms including VMware
  • Versed in software revision-control and management systems such as CVS, git, AccuRev, JIRA and Visual Studio Team Systems


Apr 2016 - present

RAYTHEON, Richardson, TX

Senior Software Engineer
  • Program Work – Security Engineering
    • Performed “hands on” technical implementation of security solutions comprised of COTS as well as custom developed products
    • Performed operating system hardening of large scale virtualized enterprise systems
    • Managed and controlled LDAP server database for group and user authentication and policies
  • DDS – IRAD
    • Worked on configuring Amazon Web Services EC2 instances for S3 data processing
    • Gained familiarity with AWS CLI and C++ SDK
    • Developed test code to benchmark data throughput of S3 storage and network via multiple subnets within AWS GovCloud
  • Awaiting program access
    • Served as system administrator for the development server and as back-up POC for the algorithm team
    • Serving as back-up POC for the algorithm team and as one of the system administrators for the development server
    • Designed and implemented an error correcting algorithm and mentored Jr. engineers with the process
    • Completed design and implementation of multi-threaded data processing algorithm incorporating the error correcting BCH code
Jan 2000 - Feb 2016


Software Engineer
  • GSI Tool Development and Feasibility Study
    • Collaborated with scientists to develop data acquisition and processing software of spectral energy data to produce mineralogy and elemental concentration answer products for our customers
    • Provided technical guidance and support for the development and troubleshooting of the hardware system to minimize implementation delays and ensure component interoperation
    • Developed logging software control interface and data acquisition for Geophysical Spectroscopy Instrument and evaluated feasibility data with scientist team to improve answer product quality
  • WET Tool Feasibility Study
    • Designed and built logging software control interface for Water Entry Tool
    • Worked closely with hardware engineering team and handled data processing and analysis to streamline hardware development
  • Sector Bond / Slim Sector Bond Tools
    • Designed, implemented and tested logging software control interface for acoustic logging tools.
    • Developed data processing algorithms for collected well data to produce accurate, visual and high quality answer products for the customer
  • Linux System Administration
    • Maintained software deployment and Linux support for all field deployed hardware as the subject matter expert
    • Directed and supervised the installation of operating systems, network and application software for portable well logging systems
  • Linux virtualization
    • Managed virtual machine platform using VMWare to eliminate hardware dependence of product deployment
    • Evaluated and reviewed virtualization software products to be used as real-time data acquisition system platform and recommended virtualization platform solutions to reduce R&D to field delays
  • OS-9 to Linux conversion, Pascal to C++ conversion
    • Migrated existing C++ code base from OS-9/Motorola 68000 platform to Intel-based Linux platform
    • Converted parts of data logging software from existing Pascal source code running on VersaDOS to OS-9 on Motorola 68000 platform
Jun 2009 - Oct 2009


Software Engineer - Contract
  • Documented existing code base for real-time, high-volume, high-performance stock trading application running in a multi-threaded server environment
  • Developed new trading algorithms and strategies for optimized low latency stock trading
  • Ran simulations and analyzed the results of simulation runs of different trading algorithms to find optimal trading methods
Jan 2003 - Jun 2003


Software Engineer - Contract
  • Designed and implemented a complete dispatching, driver and vehicle tracking system for a trucking company with an asset of 100+ drivers and trucks
Jan 1998 - Jan 2000


Software Engineer
  • Ported existing database interfaces to work with new Oracle SQL database using Pro*C and SQL to handle database queries and import/export customer and order data
  • Designed test procedures and conducted software integration tests to verify the interoperability of newly developed database interfaces



Post Graduate Studies
  • Earned 12 credit hours towards MSCS degree


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Additional Skills

  • Working knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Java, JavaScript, CSS and Apache HTTP Server
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Bilingual Hungarian and English


Aug 2014 - present

Dallas Stars Metro Hockey League

  • USA Hockey Certified Level 2 Coach
  • Assisted with mini-mite, U6, hockey instructions and coaching for 30+ children on ice at a time
  • Planning, coordinating and executing U8 mite and U12 peewee team hockey practices
  • Coaching and running the bench during youth hockey games
Sep 2014 - present

North Texas Orienteering Association

  • Maintain website of orienteering race mapping results
  • Generate custom maps from OCAD course and map data for race event
  • Process GPS data from participants and adds them to the database
Mar 2006 - Aug 2008

Willow Park Fire/Rescue

  • Provided firefighting, rescue and emergency medical services as a first responder in local community
  • Obtained SFFMA Firefighter and Departmental Instructor certifications
  • Obtained NREMT First Responder and TXDHS Emergency Care Attendant certifications
  • Obtained Class B driver license and pumper/operator training
  • Most enthusiastic rookie of the year – 2006
  • Most volunteer responses in a year, 200+ calls – 2007

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